We are an Austrian social enterprise linking international textile crafts, social impact, transparency and innovation.


Our mission


Slow not fast

Goodfabrics is an impact first startup that puts impact before profit. Traditional textile crafts before mass-produced goods. Quality, reuse and upcycle before overproduction. Fair wages instead of wage dumping.


For us, sustainability means more than the constant use of new certified organic raw materials. We seek to reduce resource intake while still generating new sales. We therefore plan the reuse of our products and their subsequent use by means of upcycling into the product design and emphasise on business model innovation.



We don’t just rely on voluntary certificates, we make our entire supply chain transparent. First-time buyers, re-users and recyclers can view product specifications as well as all production steps including the corresponding stored evidence at the push of a button. To this end, we cooperate with the German startup retraced. We rely on partnerships at eye level and know who is making our textiles. We visit our suppliers as often as possible.                      

Change lives

As a social enterprise, we want to achieve a positive impact throughout our entire production chain. We cooperate with weaver groups in countries of the global south, connect them with the international market and create an additional sustainable and fair income opportunity



NIRMI - change your patch change lives

The baby carrier which lets you have your baby close to your heart while changing the lives of artisan women from all over the world.